•November 2018:
The 2018 Simulated Emergency Test suggested a scenario where a train collision injured over a hundred people at Langhorne Station in Penndel. Our primary goal in this test was to pass image and spreadsheet data over amateur radio. The key take away from this exercise is the importance of maintaining a reliable relay network, as repeater coverage for digital traffic is not as reliable as it is for voice. You can review the after action report here.

•October 2018:
BCARES members provided communications support for both the Craven Hall 5K Run, and Five Ponds Golf outing in Warminster. Additionally, members provided support for the annual Covered Bridges Ride covering up to 100 miles of course.

Note: Our members are regularly active and engaged in the community, providing invaluable communications, and at times logistical, support for public service and emergency response events throughout Bucks County and beyond. The lack of news updates is not a fault of the members, but of the leadership who has failed to communicate these events on this media. For that, I apologize. - Michael Sabal, kb3gjt, EC.