BCARES is a volunteer organization. As such, all positions listed on this page are volunteer positions. A well-rounded organization should not depend on only one or two people to do most of the tasks required to be successful. At the same time, no single person can have every skill and every contact that the organization needs. While it is possible for one person to carry more than one of these jobs, the more people who are involved in running the organization will allow it a greater chance to flourish when we are most needed.

Public Information Coordinator
This person will establish and maintain contacts within commercial and community media outlets, issuing press releases regarding amateur radio activity in and around Bucks County three to four times per year. It is expected that during their tenure in this position, the PIC will complete ARRL's EC-015 Public Relations course. Should there be an interest among the membership to write and submit articles for our own benefit, the PIC will handle the collection and orderly dissemination of those articles in the format of their own choosing.

Training and Meeting Coordinator
In conjunction with the EC/AEC team, this person will be responsible for putting together meeting topics, lining up guest speakers appropriate to emergency and public service communications, and encouraging members to complete the expected FEMA, ARRL, Red Cross, and Skywarn trainings either individually or in a group or classroom setting. As a minimum, this person should have FEMA's IS-100 Introduction to ICS completed prior to requesting this role. While some members have amply completed all recommended training and beyond, most have not. During their tenure, this person should commit to completing at least one additional course annually until all recommended trainings have been done.

Assistant Emergency Coordinator (AEC) - 2 additional needed
This person will be expected to know the capabilities, training, and reliability of all members. During an activation, the AEC will need to direct all Auxiliary Communication activities for a twelve hour period, possibly more than once during an extended activation. Primary responsibilities during an activation will be to understand the communications needs of the served agencies and direct resources to meet these needs. Additionally, the AEC will respond similarly to mutual aid requests from other ARES groups. Ideally, the AEC will fulfil their shift at the Incident Command Post; but they have the option of delegating a proxy as needed. While the requirements and responsibilities are still under discussion, this person should already be an active member, with regular attendance at meetings, on nets, and/or at public service events. This person should have completed both FEMA's IS-100 and IS-700 courses, with a commitment to complete IS-200, IS-800, IS-5, and ARRL's EC-001 courses during their tenure.

Fund-raising coordinator
While BCARES does not have much in the way of regular expenses, and occasionally benefits from government grants for equipment, there is a need to have a small budget to pay for web hosting, training fees and materials, and incidentals in the course of our activity. This person will creatively find ways to acquire such funds, apart from requiring dues of each member, within the confines of FCC regulations. They will work with the organization's treasurer (if one exists) and the EC to maintain financial integrity and accountability.

Computer programmer
Even though amateur radio makes extensive use of the equipment and algorithms designed by others, there is still a lot that can and should be done at a local level. Maintaining our web site helps us communicate vital information to both our membership and to the public. Digital communications over RF paths are becoming increasingly critical. This person will work with other members and other groups to maintain and enhance our digital presence. While the languages used aren't critical, this person should be able to read and understand a program regardless of the language it's written in, be able to document features and bugs, and suggest and code enhancements to digital products as needed.

Mapping coordinator
Contrary to first glance, this role has nothing to do with GPS or APRS, at least not directly. This person will work with members to document RF successes and failures between any group of points within Bucks County and beyond. They will recommend a set of minimum requirements of bands, power levels, and antennas to pass information between the most common deployment locations in the county. They will also recommend the best locations for relay stations to deploy, identifying access requirements and alternative locations.