BCARES members, when deployed in an emergency or for training, have access to three county field kits. These field kits may be used at the direction of the Emergency Coordinator or an Assistant Emergency Coordinator.

The field kits contain...

A complete kit will have four (4) containers.
The small brown box contains the tripod. The laptop is in a black and orange case with the power cord (two pieces). The white PVC tube contains the Diamond vertical, a screwdriver, a monkey wrench, two U-bolts, two pipe fits, three ground bolts, and a mast mount. The rolling crate contains everything else.

Assembing the antenna
1. Set up the tripod.
2. Wrap one of the U-bolts around the tripod, and through one of the pipe fits. Spread the U-bolt apart to keep the pipe fit from jamming. Repeat for the other U-bolt and pipe fit.
3. Slide the mast mount into the pipe fits and tighten.

4. Push the feedline up through the mast mount from the bottom.
5. Attach the feedline to the antenna.

6. Screw the antenna to the mast mount.
7. Screw the ground bolts to the antenna.