Digital Modes:


There are several well-established programs for working with APRS, as well as some newer entries to the field.

APRS Lookup on

Display APRS location for
a callsign

Display APRS stations that
are near a US Zip Code

use wildcard * after call to find all ssid's
example: kb2ear*

Byonics, makers of the TinyTrak3 GPS position encoder

Winlink 2000

Well, we finally have a Telpac Gateway in each zone, Upper, Central and Lower.
LowerNY3J-10 (via W3SK)145.610Bensalem
Please connect, use and practice using Winlink 2000 to the above Telpacs and report back to the listserve telling us how they are working and where you are connecting from.  Please talk it up, this is the only way we can increase our expertise with digital communications.

Winlink ARES® Presentation (pdf) (1.6 mb)