ARES Connect is a nationwide effort to manage ARES memberships and participation, as part of the 2019 Strategic Plan. The goal is to give a more comprehensive overview of amateur radio capability in public service to all interested served agencies. Members can retain their training credentials when they move to a new area, and verify their merit and participation even when assisting with events outside their county. Instructions for various tasks follow.

The ARES Connect portal can be accessed at

ARES Connect for Members

  1. The first step is to either create an account, or log in to your existing account. The icons for both are at the upper right corner of the screen. Click here for instructions on creating an account. It is incredibly important, when selecting a username, to use your Amateur Radio call sign as your username.
    • Most members begin as Level 1. This level has no training requirement beyond your amateur radio license; but all members are encouraged to continue operational training to improve their knowledge and skills.
    • Level 2 members will have completed ARRL EC-001, and FEMA IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800. This level of training is expected for any member interested in an emergency event field deployment.
    • Level 3 members will have completed ARRL EC-016, and the associated FEMA courses (IS-120, IS-230, IS-240, IS-241, IS-242, IS-244, and IS-288). This level of training is required for an EC-level appointment or above.
  2. Keeping track of training:
    • As you complete training, you can track your progress with the ARES Task Book. A task book is simply a checklist of requirements for each ARES level, signed off by a recognized ARES leader. Many public service agencies use a similar tool in their own organizations, so it is something they are familiar with when evaluating the appropriateness of a volunteer to a situation.
  3. Keeping track of hours:
    • One of the ways served agencies evaluate the reliability of an ARES organization as a whole is by the amount of time members commit to the organization.
      • Find the event you are interested in on ARES Connect before the event takes place. Click the "Sign Up" button to the right of the event. You can learn more about registering for events here.
      • Once the event is complete, record your hours. Follow these instructions.

ARES Connect for Coordinators

Thank you to W.T. Jones, WN3LIF, for all of these.